Spring Grove Historical District

Glatfelter Mansion - Spring Grove, PaCreating a Historic District pays tribute to the neighborhood, which reflects our history. The designation of Historic District can assist in protecting and preserving groups of historic structures.

There are over 200 buildings within the historic district, of which 26 are significant in terms of outstanding architectural features and 175 are contributors to the district. Of the 25 significant buildings, eleven within and two (2) outside the district are individually eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, listed as follows:

Building Name / Address Approximate Year Built
120 North Water Street 1870
Ford Garage 1921
6 South Main Street 1900
44-48 South Main Street 1850
Aldine Hotel 1887
176 South Main Street 1893
Hoke Farmhouse 1740
225 South Main Street 1880
135 South Main Street 1902
Spring Grove Public School 1897
Glatfelter Mansion 1912