Rental Housing Ordinance

What is the Rental Housing Maintenance & Occupancy Ordinance?

The Residential Rental Housing Maintenance and Occupancy Ordinance is aimed at promoting greater compliance with health and safety standards to reduce substandard conditions in rental housing.

Early prevention of deteriorating housing is the goal of this ordinance. Borough Council determined the need, resources, and effects of such an ordinance and is dedicated to the proactive inspections of rental properties in Spring Grove Borough. The ordinance sets compliance for health, safety and welfare violations in or on residential rental property.

Most violations result in a:

  • Threat to the occupant’s safety
  • Threat to the structural integrity of the building
  • Threat to surrounding neighbors property and safety

Under the Rental Housing Maintenance and Occupancy Ordinance, property owners (landlords) will be required to register their rental units by January 30th of every year. At that time a fee will be assessed on each property owner covering the two year inspection fee as well as a licensing fee. Borough Council may amend these fees from time to time by resolution. Fees are based on the number of rental units a landlord owns in Spring Grove Borough. For example, if a landlord owns two (2) rental units the first tier will apply. If another landlord owns seven (7) rental units the second tier will apply.

Once a satisfactory inspection is completed, a license will be issued and valid for two (2) years unless revoked for violations. Please also note that a license will not be issued if there any outstanding taxes, permit fees, inspection fees, sewer fees, refuse fees, or any other delinquent municipal claim.

How will the Inspections Work?

The inspectors will conduct scheduled inspections for each rental property located in Spring Grove Borough. Inspectors will survey rental properties for interior and exterior code violations and issue corrective notices. The most common examples are:

  • Deteriorated or ineffective waterproofing of structure
  • Broken windows or doors
  • Ceiling, roof supports or members that sag split or buckle
  • Any building in disrepair that constitutes a public nuisance
  • Structure in need of painting
  • Electrical problems
  • Heating and air conditioning concerns
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Not meeting required smoke alarms and fire extinguishers

What are the Benefits?

  1. Protects the owner’s property
  2. Improves living conditions for tenants
  3. Tenants are not required to report violations
  4. Improves the local housing stock
  5. Protects neighborhood property values

2024 Rental Property Registration and Inspection Information

The Borough of Spring Grove has implemented a rental property registration and inspection program. Rental property owners/landlords that submitted information in 2023 and provided a valid e-mail address were sent electronic instructions for the 2024 registration and inspection process. New rental property owners/landlords should fill out the Registration Form below to be entered in our automated system. If you have any questions, please call 717-225-5791 ext. 4.

Downloadable Information & Forms

Note: All forms can be downloaded, completed and submitted electronically with a digital signature. If electronic submission is utilized, any accompanying forms, fees, or other information (if any) must be dropped off or mailed to the Borough Office before any of the forms will be processed or accepted.

Community involvement is the key…

It takes everyone in a community to keep our homes, schools, offices and other public buildings safe for public use, and safe construction practices will help protect our neighborhoods.