Public Services

Spring Grove offers a wide array of quality services not usually found in a community with a population of 2,372. In addition to fire and police protection, during the winter season streets are plowed and de-iced by Borough employees. Streets are swept periodically and curbside leaf pickup is provided each fall. Spring Grove has its own sewage treatment facility, once a week garbage and recycling pickup, which is provided by a contracted hauler. The public library receives partial support from the Borough. All these services are provided with low tax rates and service fees.


Fire Department

Spring Grove Borough is served and protected by Friendship Hose Company No. 1, located at 73 South Main Street. The Fire Company serves the entire Borough as well as assistance to neighboring municipalities. The volunteer fire company is a separate entity from the Borough. As a result, the fire company is responsible for its own operating budget. The Borough annually contributes funds to the fire company; however, these funds represent only a small percentage of the company's total budget.


Police Department


The York County Regional Police Department is committed to regionalized police service as an effective and efficient means of serving our contracting municipalities and school districts.  We are committed to providing community policing and problem solving strategies through positive interactions with the public.


The York County Regional Police Department is a full service, primary response, local law enforcement agency.  The priority of the Department is to protect and preserve life, and property through effective enforcement of the law, commitment to public safety, and service to our community.

Members of the Department shall respectfully serve all people within the community regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or similar distinction.

The following values guide the department in accomplishing the Vision and Mission:


Refuse and Recycle Program

Refuse and Recycling collection takes place every Friday.

Both refuse and recycling must be placed at curbside for collection by 7:00 a.m. the day of collection and should not be placed for collection earlier than 12:00 p.m. the day before the collection day.

Recycling is MANDATORY in Spring Grove Borough.  Recyclables include newsprint and magazines, which can be tied and bundled or placed into a paper bag for collection.  All glass (including clear and colored glass), tin, aluminum, and metal cans, as well as all plastic containers.  These items can be placed into the recycling cart that is provided by Republic Services to all properties.

The recycling bin is the property of Republic Services, as well as the contents of the bin from the point that it is placed at curbside for collection.  Any bin that is lost, stolen, or damaged/destroyed is replaceable free of charge through Republic Services.

The Borough's contracted hauler is Republic Services.

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Spring Grove Borough is served by the Spring Grove Area School District. The Spring Grove Elementary and Administration Building are located within the Borough boundaries. Although the Senior High School, Middle School, and Intermediate School are located in Jackson Township, the Borough serves all five buildings with public water and sanitary sewer. (There are (4044) students enrolled in the district for the 2001 School year)

To learn more about our schools, follow this link to the Spring Grove Area School District.